4 Tips to Get the Best Deal on Used Rental Cars

4 Tips to Get the Best Deal on Used Rental Cars

Imagine this,

You recently migrate to Canada, got a great job, but unfortunately your flat is a good 60-minute drive from your workplace. So, each day your only option is turning to the aid of your nearest Toronto car rental company.

However, renting a car every day is not feasible for your pocket. After all, you’ve only just started out. Yet, you don’t even have the finance to purchase a new vehicle, so you are in a major predicament.

Well, in such cases the best option is to buy out a vehicle from your nearest car rental.toronto car rental company

Wait, Is that Even Possible?

Buying out used vehicles from a reputed Toronto car rental company is indeed possible. Numerous car hires often put up older models for sale, as they bring in fresher cars to amplify customer experience.

These old models if taken care of can offer a long vehicle life, and come in prices that are too good to be true.

Thus, the trick is finding the most functional model when it comes to buying a used rental car. Now, this is quite difficult to achieve, as older models that come cheap have some shortcomings.

Yet, with a few tips in mind, you can still pick the best deal when it comes to rental cars.

Read on:

  1. Picking the Correct Vehicle

Well, this is obvious, but, the trick is not immediately going to your selected Toronto car rental company for the shopping process. Instead, do your research online, and look out for listings of classified ads.

You can go to local newspapers and look for automobile classifieds. There you find listings of cars, potential models, their ages, etc. This will help you compare prices and understand the type of vehicle that can suit your purpose best.

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  1. Find the Cheapest Cars

The cheapest car, in this case, doesn’t mean the one this is broken down and damaged. Here, cheap cars are categorized under:

  • Go for smaller engines; for example, those of 0-liter or a 2.0-liter. These burn less fuel that bigger engines and are hence, cheaper. However, these are best for carousing around town, so consider your purpose before investing.
  • Opt for manual cars as these are cheaper than automatic vehicles.
  • Go for petrol cars as these are cheaper compared to diesel engines.
  1. Don’t Haggle

When it comes to buying used vehicles don’t haggle with your selected Toronto car rental company. In general, car rentals only gain a profit of $500 to $1,000 more when it comes to selling to individual buyers. Most of these vehicles are generally taken to auctions and thus, car owners don’t have much to lose.

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  1. Test Drive for 15 Minutes

When it comes to used cars, something or the other is most likely to be amiss. However, it is best not to stick to that stereotype. Thus, for the best solution try test driving the vehicle selected for 15 minutes. Check speed limit, engine, wipers, internal functions, etc. Also, ask for mileage information and fuel efficiency.

Once you’re satisfied that the vehicle is in more or less good condition, seal the deal with your selected Toronto car rental company.

Well, there you have it, with these easy tips you can get the best deal for rented cars.